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Design circa 2014 C.E.


Design Rules Now

“Design solves problems.”

Problems are mostly old problems, problems that have been solved over and over and over; if your life depends on it, or if you’re lazy and you want to be efficient, by all means, use the old solution, it’s quick and easy.  But chances are that any of the old solutions have no soul.
An old solution lacks that newness, that sense of surprise, discovery and adventure that only Innovation can give to the individual experiencing the solution.

The process of Design is about finding new solutions to problems.  Design is about applying creativity in order to come up with clever and elegant solutions; and the most clever solutions are the ones that are the simplest, hence the elegance resides within simplicity itself.

Mies’ Less is More has never rung more true that it does today, in a world overpopulated by a long series of past band-aid solutions – designed or otherwise – that have resulted in layers upon layers of complications and high-maintenance redundancies; it’s only Design, clever elegant Design that can come to the rescue.  From the U.S. economy to the average household’s basement, we are surrounded with “stuff” that once held a purpose (maybe) but now that purpose is long gone or is no longer valid.

A tabula rasa approach is required, where we re-think and re-define everything, where the Designer analyzes and evaluates the meaning of the very objective that the problem addresses; immersing themselves into the true meaning of living and loving the problem, so that the solution becomes an extension of the passionate personality of the Designers. The properly formulated question contains, within itself, the correct answer.

Design is not something that you do, Design is something that you are.”

Q.: What does this have to do with Design?
A.: Everything. And nothing.

If you look around, what do you see?  A pen, a laptop, a mug.  You also see a web site, a latte… all of these objects are there, became into this world because of Design. Someone, somewhere, sometime, took the time to design solutions to problems, it went something like that:

  • How to write a note on paper? Hence the pen you’re holding.
  • How to compute on the go? Hence the iPad you’re using to read this.
  • How to hold a hot drink? Hence the mug in your hand.
  • How to communicate information? This web site.
  • How to satisfy the need for a caffeinated beverage, protein nutrients, with an European flare? How’s that tall latte?

And an entire process started that create something that didn’t existed before, the pen, the laptop, the mug, the web site, the latte.

But you, the end user, what is that you buy?  If you think you bought a writing instrument, a tablet computer, a latte…  you are very mistaken.
By means of a designed solution, you have acquired an experience, a new experience that has changed your state of mind, and your state of living.  When you are in need to take notes at a lecture, your state is quote different whether you have a pen… or just paper without a pen.  When you wake up in the morning your state is quite different B.C. (Before Coffee) than once you finally have that jolt of caffeine in your system.

Life is not an experience, it’s a meta-experience, an experience of experiences, and design, true, good to earth design. provides good experiences that also solve problems along the way.

Welcome to a designED life.

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